Weekly Roundup – October 5th,2018.

Neo News

Below you can find the latest on all news and updates for Neo.

-Neo announces CNEO and CGAS. NGD has developed CNEO and CGAS, two contract assets that correspondingly map NEO and GAS, two global assets, to NEP-5 smart contract equivalents.
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-Neo Releases the NEO-CLI 2.9.0 and Akka framework. The Akka framework uses the Actor model to overcome the limitations of traditional object-oriented programming and will help solve the challenges of a highly concurrent distributed system.
You can find information regarding this here: 

Read Neos monthly report here:https://neo.org/blog/details/4109

Neo DApp News

Below you can find the latest on all news and updates for projects built on Neo.


APH announces the Launch of their Mainnet DEX for Wednesday, Oct 10th 10:00 PST.
To find more information about this, read the following link:


LUX provides us with a Monthly Report where they Focus the Majority of the Article on Recent Development to their Platform.
If you want to see what else, read the following link:


nOS whitelist Registration Closes Today at 20:00 CEST.
Find more details here: 


PROQ will be Listed on Switcheo Exchange 8th October, 2018 at 12pm (UTC +8), allowing users to trade Quarteria with NEO, GAS and SWTH instantly!
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NEL publishes NNS Report.
Read about it here:

-The Key

TKY releases a Newsletter where they touch on the past 9 months.
You can find out more here: 

-Pheonix(Red Pulse)

PHX gears up to open their Platform to all Writers in the near Future.
Read about part 1 of their update here: 


NKN collaborates With IoTeX to Enable the Smart Home for the Sharing Economy.
Read more about the collaboration in the following link:

-Pikcio Chain

PKC rebrands. The logo and visual identity changes come at a key moment for Pikcio and we’re excited to share our vision for the future.
Find out everything you need to know about the rebrand:https://t.co/pMoYRlcS5R


ACAT provides us with a Community Update.
Learn more about the #ACAT updates:


AVA releases their roadmap for Quarter 4 of 2018 and touches on the achievements from Q3.
Read about it here: 

-Effect AI

EFX releases a September Monthly Update. Effect has successfully improved their Selfie Detector and People Tracker with the training data from the Effect Force.
Find out about their other updates: 

Neo Technical Dynamics

Find some of the new devlopment in the Neo community.

-City of Zion

CoZ Releases neo-python update v0.8.0, new features and major changes that you can find here: https://neonewstoday.com/development/city-of-zion-releases-neo-python-update-v0-8-0-new-features-and-changes-detailed/


AllCode Introduces NEO Flux — The Lightweight C# NEO API Server , which can be installed and used right away without requiring synchronizing with the NEO Production Blockchain. If you have any experience using neo-python, you’ll understand the benefit of not having to synchronize.
Read about the new Neo Flux here:

-Neo Global Development

NEO Global Development September 2018 Report.
Find the report here: 


NEL comes out with their bi-weekly progress report where they talk about the NEL developer incentive program winners and new development.
Find out who the winners were and about their recent developments here:

Neo Wallet News

Below you can find news about wallets built on Neo

-o3 Labs

O3 Desktop version 1.0 is live! You can see all the cool new features including dark mode, a resizable window, the O3 Marketplace, and the O3 (d)App store which you can now use to trade with Switcheo in the update below:


This week there were a lot of great announcements from the Neo community. We are starting to see more and more projects coming out with updates frequently. This is great and helps provide transparency and trust to the community. We hope that you guys enjoyed this weeks update. Let us know how we can better improve your experience.