Weekly Roundup – January 8th, 2019.

Neo News

Below you can find the latest on all news and updates for Neo.

Neo Releases their monthly report for the month of December, prepared by Neo Global Development. In the update the go over progress on development, upcoming events, interviews and more.

Check it out in the link below:

Neo DApp News

Below you can find the latest on all news and updates for projects built on Neo.



Aphelion Dex is officially back up and running with version 3.3.3 for desktop. There is a new listing and they break down step by step how to trade on the exchange.

Read more about the updated DEX here:

Neon Exchange

Neon Exchange invites you to join them in Amsterdam on Friday, January 18th where they will be presenting their latest quarterly report.

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QLC Chain releases their first Bi-Weekly report of the new year where the talk development and more.

Check it out here:

Deep Brain Chain

Deep Brain Chain shares an end of the year report with us where they cover accomplishments from this past year.

You can find the report here:


Thors CTO Matt Moravec gets interviewed.

Watch the interview here:

Bridge Protocol

Bridge Protocol re-ensures everybody that 2019 will be the year Bridge shakes up an industry ripe for cost reduction and automation with their latest blog post.

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The Key

New Year message from the CEO of The Key leaves a message for The Key community. In the message she wishes everybody a happy new year and thanks everybody for being supportive throughout the year.

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Pheonix(Red Pulse)

Red Pulse announces their closed beta for Crypto pulse.

Read the announcement here:



NKN announces 1:1 token swap: NEP-5 to ERC-20, based on feedback from community, investors, & exchanges to improve liquidity and expand ecosystem.

Please read the timeline and guide below:



Alpha Cat releases their Bi-Weekly report where they cover some new features and new apps launched in their store.

You can find the report here:


Travala is now back online with the integration of Travala wallet which will be used for booking payments using AVA and in the near future for the giveback and referral programs. They have also added Google 2 FA. Deposits and withdrawals are also now open.

Try it out:

Neo Icos

Below you can find the latest on all news and updates for ICO projects built on Neo.


iMusify recaps the 2018 year.

Read about it here:

Conjure (New Neo DApp)

Conjure presents their one pager, filled with everything you need to know about Conjure.

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Check out their listing on our website: